Sunday, November 06, 2011

New Gloucester Fair

 This past month, the kids and I (and some friends) took a trip up to visit the New Gloucester Fair.  Despite being somewhat cold and windy, the kids didn't seem to mind, and we had a lot of fun!

Frugal family that we are (by necessity), I splurged and allowed each child to choose one ride (from the bouncy house, bungee jump, pony rides and lazer tag).  They very graciously each chose their favorite - and I was very proud of them for their positive attitudes and gratitude, despite knowing they longed to do more.  Sometimes as a parent, I long to be able to give my child everything they want, and this was no exception.  I saw their eyes light up at the myriad of options available, and the disappointment in their eyes when they realized they could only choose one was unmistakable.  But, though at times it's difficult and I would love to be in a better financial position, I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach them about self-restraint, sacrifice, gratitude, and that money/entertainment/things aren't everything.  And it was great to see how well they responded in this situation.

Wiggles chose the pony rides.  At first, she was thrilled.  Not one bit of fear - she was just enjoying the ride.  Until the pony in front of her stopped to do his business.  She watched with the most horrified look on her face, and said "Ugh! Mommy! That horse is going poop right in front of me!  Gross!!!!"  The horse finally completed his task and resumed walking - only to stop after another go around to do some more business.  This time Wiggles was even more disgusted.  "Now he's going potty!  On the GROUND!  Ewww!"  The look on her face - disgust and horror mixed with a bit of intrigue - was priceless! I wish I had captured it on camera!  But, despite the 'pit stops', she enjoyed the ride!

Each child got to select and decorate a pumpkin.  This was definitely a hit, and enjoyed by all 3 of them!  Lots of hair, stickers, feathers, paint and glue were employed, resulting in 3 of the world's most adorable pumpkin faces....and their 3 adorable creators! :)

Wiggles loves stickers!

It was so sunny that Grins couldn't look at the camera without squinting! :)

And Angel, the artist, went all-out, of course!

Angel and Grins both chose the Bungee Jump.  I thought one - or both- of them would chicken out....but they LOVED it!  

We all took a ride on the very tall Fire Truck!  We had to climb a ladder just to get on - it had quite the lift!  (The tires were taller than the children...)  I was terrified of the height (no railing or anything - it seemed so dangerous for young children!) so it wasn't the most comfortable ride I've ever taken, but the kids enjoyed it which made it all worth it!

The hula hoops and bean bag toss kept us busy for awhile!

Finally, for lunch, we decided to take our picnic down to the edge of a pond/stream. With the fall colors and the crystal clear water, it was a picture perfect sight!  I am truly loving New England in the Fall! 

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