Sunday, September 25, 2011

Westward Ho - Salt Lake City Children's Museum

The day we left Utah, I knew we would be sitting in airports and airplanes for most of the day, so I decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum in the morning, to get all their energy out!  We really miss the SLC Children's Museum!  We have some great memories of it, from our many years in Utah!  I remember taking Angel there as a young toddler, with Grins in the sling.  Then more memories of feeding Wiggles in the toddler area while the older 2 played.  So the nostalgia really set in as we returned now, after more than a year; this time with 2 school-aged children and a toddler.  It made me long to return to those days when my 3 precious little children were all home with me all day, every day.  Those days were tiring, yes.  But oh so much fun.  And oh, how I miss them.  Please, please, please let time slow down.  My children are growing up too fast!!

This time around we spent most of our time in the travelling exhibit, PLAY:

The oldest 2 (especially Grins) really enjoyed the GIANT dominoes!  Grins tried to race them as they toppled over one by one....

As always, the parachute was a big hit!

My 4 year old.  Look at those dimples.

I was surprised at how much Wiggles enjoyed the helicopter, given her aversion to loud noise!

And the trip wouldn't be complete without a little construction time.


Jessica Reeves said...

And you just said you hadn't updated in awhile! :) I love these pictures! I miss the children's museum too! So fun!

Christina said...

What a fun trip! What a not-fun travel! This year was the first year I have not had to travel at least 1 way on our family vacation alone with kids. You are completely awesome! ...and I bet exhausted.

Amy Brinton said...

Thanks for the comment today on my blog. I feel like you're cheering me on from across the country, and I want to cheer you on, too! I liked your post about your 10th anniversary and the whirlwind years of training and child-raising in the middle of it. Just think of all the people you've influenced for good during that time. You are an exceptional mother and support to Jon. Way to be, girl. Way to be.