Sunday, September 04, 2011

8 wheels

What has 8 wheels, 10 eyes, and LOTS of mosquito bites?  We have really been enjoying our summer evening bike rides around the neighborhood!  The Mr. is finally off-service for a few weeks, meaning he's only gone about 12 hours per day, so we actually get him home most nights! Yay!  So we've been enjoying biking as a family since it means we all get to bike!  I'm not quite brave enough to take Wiggles in the backpack like he does, so when the Mr's not around, I usually end up jogging with Wiggles in the stroller while the older two bike....which of course means they can't go nearly as fast as they would like!  So, the Mr. makes a very nice addition to our family bike rides indeed!  We love having him home!  And we so enjoy our neighborhood - the quiet streets and nearby parks and cemetery are perfect for enjoying a leisurely family ride!

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