Monday, September 05, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things....

This morning, while in the kitchen, I called Wiggles to breakfast a few times, and heard no answer.  I finally said, "Wiggles, can you hear me?"  and she said "No!"  Her honesty gets her every time!  She is always the first to report her wrongdoings - or straighten things out if there is any misunderstanding.  For instance, the other day, Grins said "Wiggles hit me!" to which she shouted, "No!  I hit you and KICKED you!!!"  She seems to be our little honesty girl - I love it!

I always love hearing the childrens' prayers - you never quite know what you're going to get!  This morning, Grins prayed "Please bless that if a gun shoots our house, it won't fall down...."

Where did that come from?  My children seem to have very specific fears.  Angel, for instance, is terrified that a 'robber' will come steal her from her bed during the night.  She insists on us walking through the house with her each night to shut and lock every single door and window - which was unbearable during the hot summer months!  Even with the house locked tight and the brightest night-light possible in her room, she ends up finding her way to our room each night, crying with fear.  The only night in the past several months that she remained in her own bed throughout the entire night was the night Hurricane Irene visited us.  When I asked her why that was, she stated, "I knew no robbers would be out in the storm that night.  So we were safe."

So apparently, she is thinking through her fears rationally.  Which makes it all the more difficult to calm her is somewhat simple to reassure her that dragons are only fairy tale creatures and monsters are simply a figment of her imagination.  But I can't exactly tell her that children are never kidnapped - she knows it happens.  So it's presenting an interesting challenge.

My children are so entertaining! :)

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Nicholas said...

Hey guys, we miss ya. Hope you are enjoying Maine. ~Linds