Monday, May 05, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

We have decided that, with #3 on the way and with the Daddy starting to get VERY, VERY BUSY with school (think 120 hour work weeks - yikes!) it is time for us to bid the Ronald McDonald House adieu. We have loved our time here and have many cherished memories and friendships which will last a lifetime, but it is time to move on.

We are faced with a dilemma, however, about where to go. Two different options await us, both of which seem like decent options: (The decision is always harder when it's between 2 'rights', no?)

1) Housesitting a big house on the hill near school for 10 months: we would just pay utilities (about $400/mo) and keep up the yard and house, but it would (hopefully) be less work than RMH and something I could handle on my own. Benefits: SPACE!!! (something we haven't had for a very long time...actually, ever!!!) The drawbacks: with how high up on the mountain it is, we will most likely need a car with 4WD, which we don't have, so we would need to upgrade (pricey!) just so Mr. could get to school - and I may be stuck home when it snows! Also, it is a VERY nice house, so I'd have just a wee bit of anxiety associated with keeping 3 children from destroying it. :) And, our move-in date would be when I am 9 months pregnant - no fun!!
2) University Student Housing - gotta love it! Cinderblock walls, threadbare carpet, no dishwasher (although we would probably get a portable!) - but it is 1120 sq feet which is SLIGHTLY larger than our current apt. And there are 5 parks within the complex, and TONS of kids so finding friends will not be a problem. The main drawback: $825/month=student loan money :(

So, you Student families out there, we'd love to hear your housing experiences, good or bad, or any input at all which may benefit our decision! :)


Natalie said...

Wow, that's a tough decision. A house would be nice. Of course, then you'd have to leave it for a little apartment again which could be hard! Good luck with your decision!

Ma Fitz said...

Sorry, no student housing advice here. But, I vote for the big house so we can party like a rock star. I like parties. I like when you host parties. Yes, big house. Get a Subaru - AWD, not really expensive, not a gas hog. It'll do great!

Jennie said...

With my hubbie in Med school, we knew that his time with our family would be VERY limited because of all the studying required of him.

To maximize our time with him we chose to spend more $$ for an apartment closer to campus, rather than save money and have him drive farther. It's been such a blessing and although I've complained about space issues, there's no way that I would choose to have a better home and sacrifice seeing my husband.

Plus, with his commute being shorter, he could bike to school (30minutes by bike, 15min by car) to fit in his exercise when the weather was nice.

And being close to parks is a must. We have 3 close by and I love that we don't have to get bored with just one!

My sis in law just finished house sitting for 12months for an elderly couple that went on their mission. It was a luxury home...gorgeous! But she had so much work to do because it was so big to keep clean with her little ones. And she worried all the time that something might get damaged. She even got in trouble when she had a large family get together at her house for her son's baby blessing because the couple's local adult son drove by and saw all the cars in the driveway. So, needless to say, although she loved the couple, she felt burdened by the pressure of keeping up the house.

Hope that helps.

By the way, I never officially said,"CONGRATS"!!! Baby number 3 is bound to be a cute as your other 2!!

Colette said...

I'm going to go with Jennie on this one. You won't have to move again and the big house may not be cheaper if you have to get a more expensive car and spend more on gas and possibly insurance. Being poor and living with others that are poor has it's advantages (think of all the playmates your children will have)! Cinder block walls aren't so bad either(we lived with them for 6 years and we weren't even students then). You'd also get to move in before #3 comes - I'm voting for student housing!

Queen Bee said...

I tried to post a comment the other day but I guess it didn't work. I also vote student housing! There's a good possibility we could live there too in about a year (If Joey gets into the PHD at the U and we decide that's best). That would be a kick! :)
I agree about the extra housework and cost of utilities? in a big house. Our little apartment here is little but it cleans up soo fast and it's great to let my older one play outside where I can see him right out my window.
On the other hand, the Ma speaks truth. Parties are GREAT and she loves parties. :) Can we come party with you guys?

Queen Bee said...

Oh and one more thing. Having Joey able to walk 5 min to school has been sooo nice. He can run home for lunch or when I need him to watch the kids for a dr. appt or something. It also makes keeping 1 car much more doable!

Brooke said...

All I can say is, I was ambitious and thought moving at 20 weeks pregnant would be no problem. I was quickly proved wrong! So I say student housing, just for the fact that I can't imagine moving at 9 months pregnant even being remotely doable!