Monday, May 12, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Never got around to posting last week and I found it was difficult to come up with ideas mid-week; I'm so used to having them planned out ahead of time, and it really does make things easier! So I made it a point to plan this week.

Sunday: Mother's Day - picnic by the river in the canyon (So yummy and SO much fun!)
Monday: sweet and sour pork, steamed veggies, steamed rice, cinnamon bread for FHE treat
Tuesday: Steak (grilled on the bbq, nothing better!), baked potatoes, grilled veggie kabobs
Wednesday: cheesy broccoli soup, crescent rolls
Thursday: white bean tortellini soup, fruit salad
Friday: Eating Out in celebration of Daddy's LAST FINAL OF ALL TIME!!!!
Saturday: Left overs
Sunday: Extended family dinner

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