Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Other Blogs

You may have noticed I have started a few other blogs. I have had a long-standing goal to make journals for each of my children, but have been less than perfect at it. I have, up to this point, done some writing on the computer, but love that you can add pictures, etc to blog posts. I also love that it will never be LOST, even if my computer crashes, thanks to the miracle of cyber-space.

So, I am attempting to more diligently post memories of my children on these. I have kept them private so that I may more freely use their names, locations, etc. without the fear of "stranger danger" - but any of you who read my blog and are interested may certainly be added. Be forewarned that my journaling may be infrequent and, at times, (possibly) somewhat offensive (simply because of things children say - they are, after all, VERY honest and, in our family, anatomically correct since we don't believe in "silly words" for sacred parts) - but these are comments I cherish and want to document lest I forget them!

That being said, if you have any inclination, let me know. I just don't want anyone feeling "left out" - consider this your formal invitation. :)


Ma Fitz said...

Hey, where have you been lately. I miss "seeing" you.

I hope you're feeling well with another little cutie shaping up in there.

Please resurface when you can!

Heidi and Matt said...

Sarah, I would love to read, is that where you are posting now??