Monday, May 12, 2008

"I'm Not Spoiled, My Husband Just Loves Me"... the license plate holder of a Lexus I was driving behind a couple of days ago. I scoffed as I read it (I mean, really, does the fact that I drive a Mazda with a dent in the bumper mean MY husband loves me any LESS than hers? Give me a break.)

But, this past weekend, I have to admit, the quote entered into my mind on more than one occasion. My sweet husband always treats me with the utmost tenderness and respect regardless of the day, but he does make it a point to make special days spectacular. He always has and this is one thing I truly appreciate about him; it's fun to feel pampered once in awhile.

Mother's Day for me began on Saturday - I had assumed he would spend the entire day studying since he had a test Monday and he doesn't study on Sundays - so I had planned on cleaning, shopping, doing the laundry, etc. What happened instead was that he awoke early to start the laundry and cleaning and make me a gourmet breakfast (yum!). He then led me to believe he needed us to leave for a few hours to allow him some study time - so I took the kids to the park where we rented a paddleboat, fed the ducks, and played on the playground. We had a great time and were pleased to arrive home to a clean house with all the laundry and shopping done! After we all napped (I LOVE that both of my kids finally nap at the same time - even if it's only about 30 min overlap!) we went to the fair, rode on some rides and then had a DELICIOUS Chinese dinner. It was one of the most fun-filled days we have had for awhile. We had to literally DRAG (well, at least PULL) the kids to the car and then into the house; they didn't want the day to end!

Then yesterday, I had the privilege of an uninterrupted, as-long-as-I-wanted shower (a rare indulgence with 2 toddlers!), we enjoyed church together as a family followed by a quick lunch and then family naptime (I love the weekends!). I opened some gifts (Sneaky Chef cookbook I've been wanting, the Pampered Chef food chopper I've been drooling over, and some Standin' Tall CDs I've been begging for). Then we biked up the canyon and had a picnic and relaxing evening on the shore of the stream in the mountains. It was beautiful and SUCH a fun family time! The best Mother's Day I could have hoped for - RELAXING time with my family. I hope yours was equally enjoyable!

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