Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just Around the Corner....

With Mother's Day rapidly approaching I am, of course, racing to get things ready. I usually have both of my own mothers' gifts ready well in advance but, without fail, I forget to help my children make things for their grandmothers. I've had kids for 4 Mother's Days now - you'd think I could get the hang of it one of these times! Oh well, tomorrow will be craft day, spent creating "treasures" especially for the special women in their lives. I found a couple of simple little ideas here, here and here. But my favorite by far was Family Fun (no surprises there - their website is amazing!). We are probably going to do the Alligator Purse for at least one of the Grandmas! And I love the little soaps - will probably save those for next year when the kids' artwork has advanced to where it can be enjoyed by others and not just me. :)

Any Mother's Day traditions or special Mother's Day gifts or memories you have enjoyed?

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Krista said...

I didn't know we were supposed to give grandmas gifts from the kids-guess I screwed that one up...! I was feeling good that we even got gifts sent off to our mothers. Cute ideas! Have fun!