Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Your Tummy Heaven?

Lately our darling little Angel has become very cavalier, often rushed, and even noisy during prayers. This evening I decided to have a more 'in depth' talk with her about why we pray and why prayers are so important to me, and why I therefore hope she will treat them with more reverence. This evolved into her asking to hear the story of "Heaven" which she so often loves at bedtime - which is basically my version of "pre-earth life", etc. Basically, I told her that her Heavenly Father asked if she wanted to go down to earth, and that she decided she wanted to. So, on a very special day (left out here for security purposes because I'm a slightly paranoid mom) a few years ago, He sent her to earth to a mommy and daddy who would love and care for her. At this point in the story, she stopped me and asked "How did he send me down to earth?" Not wanting to get into all the logistics, I simply stated "He put you in my tummy, where you grew your body, and then when you came out of my tummy you were officially on earth." She pondered this a moment and then asked, "Mommy, is your tummy Heaven?" I laughed but quickly realized how reasonable her rationalization was, and how sincere she was in asking. I finally came up with a response, "My tummy is like the bridge between Heaven and Earth" which may sound hokey but which I actually believe. I mean, to actually think about a zygote/fetus being cramped inside a confined womb hour after hour, day after day, week after endless week without some sort of reprive? It just doesn't seem humane. So I believe that, somehow, a fetus floats between "here" and "there" - just my own little take on it anyway. But her simple question has truly changed my perspective on pregnancy (at least for the time being. :) ) I get so wrapped up in the discomfort of it all (the nausea, vomiting, weight gain, stretch marks, heartburn, swollen ankles, digestion woes, fatigue...) that I forget the fundamental fact that, at least in some way, 'my tummy is Heaven.'


Ma Fitz said...

I like that. If only someone would have pointed that out to me way back when, maybe the pregnancy journey would have seemed nicer!

If you haven't read this blog entry by Melissa's friend, it goes right along with your "theory" of those little spirits going back and forth.

Enjoy! http://segullah.org/cjane-speaks/the-hourglass-theory/

Krista said...

That is so sweet. On the topic of prayer time, Drew is such a nightmare during prayers. It is like he saves up his energy or mischeviousness or something and unleashes it during prayers. Prayer time is definitely a struggle. Once i na while he will sit reverently and bow his head and close his eyes, but not very often. Sigh. But I like your take on the bridge between Heaven and Earth.