Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I have NO idea how Grins first heard/learned about "Darth Vader" (the obsession began just before his 5th birthday - before he had started school!), since we've never seen/read/watched/discussed anything Star Wars related.  But somehow, he did, and it was not a passing fancy!  Grins wanted a "Darth Vader" birthday party, then Star Wars legos....and when neither of those requests were met, he insisted on being Darth Vader for Halloween this year.  So, I finally gave in and we checked out a "Star Wars ABCs" board book from the library.  (Really?!  Who in their right mind thinks Star Wars is appropriate for any child who reads board books?  But I figured that it would be the most benign of all Star Wars books, so I allowed it....)

Before I knew it, the children had decided on a Star Wars theme for Halloween this year.  One friend offered to loan us their Darth Vader costume, another chimed in with Yoda, and it just seemed too easy to refuse.  I even managed to transform an old sheet and a $2 clearance belt into a Princess Leia costume.  The Mr. decided to join in the fun as Han Solo ("because Harrison Ford is way better looking than whomever played Luke....").  Since I was too busy studying for my national recertification exam on and before Halloween, I sat out this year. :(  And, since I'm the family photographer, we didn't get many good shots....but here are a few! :)

Trick or Treat!

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Lu said...

Those are the cutest star wars characters I have ever seen! how fun!