Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maine Children's Museum

We were lucky enough to score a day pass to the Children's Museum of Maine.  Since the Mr. was using the car for work that day, the kids and I got to ride the bus there and back - what an adventure!  We made a whole day of it - and even after 7 hours there, the kids still didn't want to leave!  That's how much fun we had!

Of course, my little artists (especially Angel) LOVED painting with LONG paintbrushes!  I fully endorse messy projects when they aren't at my house! :)

Grocery Store is always fun!  (That is what I remember most about my childhood trips to the Children's it must be a winner!)  And this museum has a 'real' ATM from which you can withdraw money....Angel was enthralled!  We played store for at least an hour, and the girls could have stayed all day!

Wiggles' favorite exhibit is the race car!  Today she was hard at work cleaning the 'garage' up!
She worked at this for so long!  I think I need to get her a set for home!

This picture is so blurry but I had to keep it - Wiggles kept putting the gloves on the wrong hands and then becoming frustrated and crying, "I'm having a problem with my gloves!"  And, of course, she would not accept any help!  It was too funny!

The Farm area is SO much fun!  You can ride a tractor, collect eggs from the hen house, process hay, and even 'milk' a cow! 

Grins took the cow-milking very seriously!

Grins' favorite part about the Fire Truck was getting to dial "9-1-1" on the red phone!  He has ALWAYS wanted to call 911 and was thrilled that I told him it was ok! (Part of the display.)

We got to attend a puppet show where each child was invited to hold a puppet.  

Again, I had to keep this blurry photo because I love how it shows each of the kids' hairstyles so well!  When we are on vacation, this is what we look like!  Grins - major bedhead / fro in the back.  Angel - getting very good at doing her own hair.  Wiggles - curly/frizzy mess. :)  Aren't they CUTE??!!

Ready to go diving!

I can't wait to come back soon!

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