Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Love Boston!

It is so fun living near a big city!  And because our nearest Temple is located in Boston, we head down every month or so!  This summer, we went down to visit some friends before they moved West, and we decided to make a whole day of it - and we could have spent many more days there - there is so much to see and do!

This was the first time we took the train down - and I don't think we'll ever drive down again, now that we know how easy and convenient the train is!  It was fun, fast, and so much better than trying to navigate our way through the city! :)

We spent hours at the Boston Common's Frog Pond! (And check out that playground across the walkway!)

 (From a distance, it looks like Angel is nude - but she is, in fact, wearing a bathing suit...don't you worry!)

Although I had planned ahead and packed a bag with a picnic lunch and drinks, I had tried to pack light (since I was carrying the bag on my shoulders!), and I didn't anticipate how MUCH we would drink, given the heat of the day and the amount of walking we we had to 'splurge' and get a drink at a small stand.  Given the ridiculous price ($6 for a small lemonade!!!), we only got one for our whole family.  We stuck 3 straws in and told the kids to share - but they were all so thirsty no one could stand to wait, so they all dug in at the same time.  The Mr. and I laughed, took a picture, and then told them to save some for us....and in that small amount of time it was already gone!  The poor little dears were SO thirsty!  

The bright, noonday sun does not lend itself well to picture taking, but I had to document these odd-looking plants we found in the Public Garden.  I've never seen anything like them before.  Don't they look just like something out of a Dr. Seuss book?

While strolling through the Public Garden, we found a goose nest with 7 eggs in it!

We also happened upon a one-man band (think "Bert" from Mary Poppins).  The children were simply captivated by him, so of course we stopped to enjoy the show.

He had so thoughtfully set up some instruments, and encouraged any interested children to come join in the fun!  Ours were the only ones brave enough to take the leap...

 ...until at last, another small friend joined in.

Mr. Music Man in all his get-up:
 From the back:

And what trip to the Public Garden would be complete without a ride on the Swan Boats?  (If you've never read "Make Way For Ducklings", you simply must!  It's wonderful!)

Eagerly anticipating our turn!

 It's finally our turn!  Here we are getting onto the boat...

 And, it's sunny!  But we are having fun!

It was a beautiful day, and we had a picture-perfect visit!  Though we are far from family and miss them dearly, we are trying to make the most of our time here, and are definitely enjoying being near to so many landmarks!

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The Stimpson Family said...

What a fun trip! I wish we would have had more good Boston trips! Miss you and your cute family!