Friday, May 13, 2011

Upside Down Dinner

Angel LOVES setting the table for dinner. She prides herself on knowing where all of the dishes and flatware go, and on making things look nice. She ALWAYS uses EVERY possible dish in her place settings (cup, bowl, plate, fork, knife, spoon), regardless of what we're eating. And she often writes and decorates place cards for each member of the family and folds the napkins in a 'fancy way' as well. One day she decided to play a joke on me and, when I went to put the food on the table, this is what I found:
Everything was upside down. There is no tablecloth because she wanted to put the tablecloth on top of everything... How I love this girl! She is so creative and makes our home such a fun (and often silly) place! Our family would certainly not be complete without her!

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