Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The prayer of the Children....

Just as I'm slightly obsessive about planning my dinner menus, I also tend to stick with a breakfast meal plan, simply because of how much more smoothly things run in the morning when I do. Unlike dinner, however, breakfast offers far less choices (especially the necessary quick and easy variety), and we are therefore on a weekly rotation.

Sunday: muffins or bagels (since we need to be out the door by 7am!)
Monday: oatmeal (Wiggles' all time favorite!)
Tuesday: eggs (sunnyside up for Angel, scrambled for Wiggles and Grins)
Wednesday: french toast
Thursday: 10-grain hot cereal (Grin's favorite) or cream of wheat
Friday: crepes (everyone's number one choice!)
Saturday: waffles (the Mr's request)

While we generally stick to this schedule, both Angel and Grins would prefer to have crepes every day if it were up to them! And, though they enjoy hot cereal, neither of them was in the mood for it this morning, so they petitioned me to make something else.

I would have been fine with this but for one problem: they couldn't agree on what they wanted. Angel insisted on french toast, while Grins desperately wanted eggs. So, I resorted to playing "eeny meeny miny mo, catch a tiger by it's toe..." on their fists, (We take our decisions very seriously around here!), reminding them that the 'loser' had to graciously accept the other person's choice of breakfast. They consented and, ultimately, Grins "won".

Angel was disappointed but, remembering her promise, kept her chin up and silently walked over to the couch while Grins began setting the table for eggs. I took the eggs from the fridge....and then for some reason, absent-mindedly pulled out the milk and bread as well, and began making french toast. As I looked into my frying pan full of french toast, I finally realized, too late, that I was supposed to be cooking eggs! I laughed and explained my mistake to Grins, who graciously offered, "That's OK, Mommy! Angel got her wish and we can just have eggs tomorrow!" Angel, though, hopped up off the couch and said "Oh my word! I just prayed that Heavenly Father would help us have french toast! And He did! I can't believe it!! He made your brain forget!"

We all had a good laugh. Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways. (Of course, my absent-mindedness is not entirely mysterious around here, but still....) What a precious and priceless moment, to witness the sweet faith of my daughter, and the gentle forgiveness of my son! Raising such wonderful children is such an honor and a privilege! I have such a beautiful life! :)

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Noraahsein's Blog said...

That is so funny. I love the faith of kids. Heavenly Father sure listens to children's prayers.