Monday, May 09, 2011

Rock Sale

Apparently, our recent discussion about saving money to purchase airplane tickets to visit our loved ones across the country made an impression on Angel. Unbeknownst to me, her little mind has been hard at work devising entrepreneurial plans for how to make money for nothing (since, let's face it, what 6 year old has a lot to invest in starting up a business?)

One day she mentioned to me in passing that we should have a 'rock sale' since we have so many rocks in our yard for which we have no real need. (She was probably remembering the time when, just about to mow the lawn, I told the kids I'd give them one penny for each rock they collected, simply to get them out of the grass...) I must have responded with some enthusiasm, because a few days later, she took me outside to show me the fruits of her labors: she had set up shop in our driveway!
I couldn't help but smile and even get a little teary eyed that my little Angel is growing up so fast. When did she go from a baby, whose very steps I had to coax and direct, into a young lady with her own little clever ideas and very creative spelling? Adorable.
I did purchase some rocks from her, as I was needing some for a project I was working on (Easter in an Eggshell). After that, she said "Mommy, let's go outside, to wait for all the people that will come to the rock sale!" She was so eager and excited about it that I didn't have the
heart to tell her no one else would be I simply explained that, since we live on a very quiet street, and it was the middle of the day on a weekday, we may have more success later, especially if we moved the sale to a more public location and included a greater variety of
merchandise (e.g. lemonade or popsicles). She insisted on sitting outside, however, and, though she did not meet with additional success for the first couple of days, Oma and Opa did make a purchase when they came to visit a few days later. So her efforts were not entirely in vain. :)

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