Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This girl....

....makes me LAUGH! SOOO much! I think that is her sole purpose in life. In fact, if I am ever concentrating and have a serious face, or am upset or less than patient with the children, she never fails to say (or rather, command,) "Mommy, have a happy face! Put a smile on right now!"
Today, she came up to me and pulled my ear down to her mouth, then excitedly whispered, "Maybe we can thump (jump) on the thwampoline! I want to!" as if it were a big secret. In the middle of cleaning the kitchen, I suggested she go out to the backyard and I would come out momentarily to lift her onto the trampoline.

When I came out, she had found the "cat pool" (the name our children gave to the small wading pool due to misunderstanding the term 'kiddie' pool....and it somehow stuck). She was standing and splashing in the wading pool, her jeans, socks and shoes soaking wet. I gasped, then abruptly lifted her out. When I set her down, her feet squished as she walked - and then she exclaimed, "I'm draining now!" Could she be any cuter?!

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