Monday, May 09, 2011

Portland Children's Museum

A friend of ours invited us to the Children's Museum one day - and we had SO much fun! Even after 5 hours, it was hard to pull the kids away!

One of our first activities was to visit the Theatre. While there, Angel and Grins starred as the First and Second Little Pigs in an inhouse, impromptu production of The Three Little Pigs. Naturally, they were fabulous!

Since we are in Maine, the Children's Museum would not be complete without a Lighthouse! Angel was just the right height; in order to get a 'group shot', Angel had to hold Wiggles up - a tricky feat indeed!

Of course, what Children's Museum would be complete without a market in which to go shopping? But this grocery store had an ATM from which the children can really withdraw 'money' with a debit card! Angel in particular couldn't get enough of such a 'grownup' activity!

There is a DARLING exhibit with a boat (which rocks!) which the kids can 'drive', and traps in which they can catch lobsters, crabs, and more! The kids thought this was great fun!

Man Overboard.....

Wiggles fell in LOVE with this little car and spent quite a bit of time in it! She also became quite possessive when any other children expressed interest (but don't worry; like a good mother, I encouraged her to share and, for the most part, she did very well!) Towards the end of our day, when naptime had long since passed, she tried to nap on the seat of the car. (I apologize for the blurry pictures; my cell phone does not capture Wiggles' perpetual motion very clearly!)

These 2 spent over an hour in the Fire Truck! They drove, played the sirens, slid down the pole, hooked up the water hose....and then started all over again! Grins had SO much fun 'calling 9-1-1' on the phone in the exhibit (set up for this purpose; it has a voice recording of a 911 operator! Very clever!) I finally had to encourage them to try exploring another area of the museum because I couldn't contain Wiggles for another minute!

I didn't even get pictures of us in the Farm, learning about the Camera Obscura, making lumber, going on a 'nature hike', or watching the star show. All in all, I would say we had a great day! I'm thinking a Museum Pass may be a good investment....

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