Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My tender-hearted son

This evening Grins joined me and some Young Women as we went around visiting some of the less-active Young Women in our ward. We decided to stop in and see a woman whose fiance passed away just last night. It is such a sad situation - they were to be married in a month or two, but unfortunately he suddenly fell ill and had died within just a few days. We sat and talked to her for quite awhile, during which Grins whispered in my ear (more than once) if we could please go home. It was somewhat of a depressing scene and conversation, and I suppose he must have felt uncomfortable. But he continued to wait (fairly) patiently as we spoke with and listened to her.

Later, as I tucked him into bed, in his prayers he asked "Please bless Sister....what's the lady's name again that plays the piano in our church?...Please bless her that you can give her back her husband....." It brought tears to my eyes to hear such a sweet, thoughtful little request. What a gem - he is so thoughtful and tender-hearted! I love my little boy.

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