Thursday, March 10, 2011

Melting snow

Well, after 4 long months of dreary gray skies, sub-zero temperatures, and more snow than I've probably ever seen in all my years combined (seriously!), the SUN is starting to shine! It is magnificent and brings me more pleasure than I ever would have imagined. I realize now how I've taken the sun for granted - I suddenly feel invigorated by it's presence (though, ironically, in the summer heat my energy is zapped! But that's another story...)

Anyhow, when you mix warm sun with snow, the result is - you guessed it - water. Lots of water.
This is the parking lot through which we walk twice a day taking Angel to and from school. The monstrosity of the puddles is hard to capture in photographs - it covers the kids boots in some parts! But, we don our boots (aka puddle jumpers) and raincoats, and the children never tire of splashing / jumping / stamping / running through the puddles, despite the consistently resulting SOAKING WET socks, pants and feet. Ah, the simple pleasures in life. (Of course, I'm dreading when the ground below is no longer frozen and all this water mixes with the soil - MUD splashing is far less enjoyable to clean up than water! So I will enjoy the puddles of melted snow while they last!!)

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