Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Dark Fayter"

Since we've never seen/read/watched or even discussed Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, or The Force, or anything remotely related to it, I have no idea where this new obsession has come from. All I know is that boys have ways of discovering wars and weapons one way or another....

Step aside, Thomas the Tank Engine; Grins' latest interest is Darth Vader.

Suddenly, my little arts and crafts-opposed son is drawing and sculpting masterpieces! A few weeks ago, Grins began drawing "Dark Fayter" as he
calls him - even in church, when he's supposed to draw 'church' related pictures. Last week the playdoh turned into Darth Vader and a red "life saver", and last night as we were writing letters to Aunt Abbie (at
outdoor school), the topic came up yet again. I don't know how long this phase will last, and to be honest, I'm not entirely thrilled with it, but I know it is near and dear to Grins' heart because I haven't seen him this interested in drawing, sculpting or writing since....well, ever!

So, while I can think of things I'd rather have him drawing and writing about, I am always happy to see my children discover a passion - and, though Darth Vader is from "The Dark Side", it seems harmless enough. And, as I've learned with my children, "it's just a phase!"

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