Friday, March 11, 2011


This New England winter has taken some adjustment on my part. It has been long, cold, and, at times, dreary. But once I finally stopped complaining about how much time I was spending shoveling, and got over how cold it was, I decided that, since winter was here to stay (for awhile, at least), we might as well enjoy it!
So, we began sledding several times a week. Wiggles is actually much more courageous than either of my others were at her age - she may have a look of terror on her face while going down the hill, but it's usually accompanied by frantic laughter, and she often asks to go again! She usually only goes down a few times, as opposed to Angel and Grins who would probably NEVER choose to stop on their own. Even after hours of sledding, and after their gloves/boots/snow gear have long since soaked through, it still takes every ounce of coersion / negotiation / threats / even bribery (!) to get them to call it a day when they are sledding. It is just THAT fun. We've tried the cemetary near our house, Payson Park, and a neighbor's hill, but the favorite destination is the hill behind Angel's school (where these pictures were taken). While I may complain about the New England extremes in temperatures, I will say that you can't go sledding every day in Hawaii! :)

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