Monday, January 24, 2011

Swing sets and more

Our poor little swingset has seen better days....but the kids LOVE it, so I've been looking around online to see how much a new one would be - you know, just in case Santa was feeling generous next year. ;) I was surprised to see that CSN Stores has a website devoted to swing sets for kids! I have heard of CSN before, and knew they sold home and decor items, but had no idea I could get something like a swingset on one of their websites - and they have them starting at $149! Too bad I saw this right after Christmas - but that's OK because it's never too early to start looking for next year, right? Have you heard of CSN stores? If you haven't, check them out! They have pretty much anything and everything you might need, for a great price....and watch for an upcoming review I'll be doing on them in the near future! :)

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