Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food Storage

Since we are (currently) a one-car family and the Mr. has been using the car instead of biking to work since it's been SOOOO cold, I haven't had many opportunities for grocery shopping the past couple of weeks. So, I have taken this opportunity to practice cooking from our food storage. It is actually perfect timing because we are having a church activity involving this on Saturday!

(Photo courtesy of PreparednessMatters.blogspot.com)

So far this week, we've had spaghetti, white bean chicken chili, and 4-bean vegetarian chili with rice. Yum! Coming up for the remainder of the week: Refried bean corn soup, Potato corn chowder, and Beef stew. But my goal is to come up with 2-4 weeks worth of healthful recipes I can make entirely from canned/boxed food. (I realize this isn't nearly as healthy as eating fresh/raw - but I'd like to know my family can still eat healthy during a time of natural disaster/emergency/etc.) I would love to hear your suggestions for good 'food storage' recipes or sources on where to find them!

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Queen Bee said...

Good idea!
I like recipes from safely gather in, I think it's safelygatheredin.blogspot.com
We like teh rosa pasta recipe and we've tried a few others, even food storage strawberry shortcake (with food storage whip cream!)
I try to do Food Storage Friday right now and get us all used to eating simple food storage meals.
If you find other sources of recipes I've love to see them too!