Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seeing Double....

Tonight, Angel was in the bathroom for awhile so I decided to go check on her. This is what I found (sorry for the poor quality - but at least my camera phone still works!):

Our bathroom has 2 wall-sized mirrors above the vanity (very 70s) and a bathroom makeover has been on my wishlist since we first bought this house - but seeing her this way almost makes me want to leave the mirrors in (almost).

With the mirrors, she was able to see 3 reflections of herself simultaneously (unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to capture all of them...). She said "What are 4 twins called again?" "Quadruplets" I reminded her....and then she asked if I would like to see the Quadruplet show. I was entertained by the 4 lovely ladies for a moment before needing to get back to dinner on the stove....but apparently the show caught someone else's attention. A few moments later I heard a blood curdling scream coming from the bathroom. I ran to find Grins on the counter next to Angel, and Angel complained to me, "They are screaming at us!"

I laughed as I realized that "they" was Grins and his mirror 'twin', and "us" meant the Angel quadruplets. They had been so involved in their little 'double' world that Angel was actually referring to them all in the plural. I found it hilarious. I love that they can be entertained with just 2 mirrors and their imagination. And taking care of 7 children (4 are mirror images) while simultaneously making dinner and straightening up the house - am I efficient or what?!

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