Wednesday, January 12, 2011

15 inches

Instead of making dinner, I spent the past several hours shoveling the 15+ inches off of our driveway and front walk! Man, I have got to get me a snow blower, or just suck it up and hire a plower, or at least a massage therapist when I'm done...

In any case, we had fun playing in it today. Angel's school was cancelled so we stayed in our pajamas and had a grand old time working on crafts, playing games, popping corn, making snow angels, and drinking hot cocoa. While I was outside shoveling, our neighbor was using his snow blower, and Angel and Grins followed behind him, right underneath where the snow was shooting out, just so they could get a constant "shower". Even with the noise of the motor I could hear their giggling and squeals. Crazy kiddos. I love that they can have fun in almost any situation!
(Cozying up in their new "Snuggies" - a Christmas present from Grandma & Grandpa!)

Poor little Wiggles just followed me around - which is no small feat, considering the snow is up to her waist! But she was such a sport, saying "I want to go in the warm house" or "I'm not going to cry." (We can always tell exactly what she is thinking - she always tells us "I'm not going to color on the walls with this marker." or "I'm not going to throw my food on the ground." or, sometimes it's after the fact; "I'm not going to make that mess"). Hilarious. After we were done with our driveway we went down the street and shoveled the porch of our elderly widow neighbor. We finally headed back home just in time for the Mr. to return from work. Perfect timing! :) So we were able to enjoy a nice, warm meal together!

(Although this photo was taken a few weeks ago - notice the Christmas tree is still up - Nothing says 'snow day' like forts and cushion mountains!)

Unfortunately my camera batteries died just as I was about to take the first picture - and since I was all snow-suited up, I didn't take the time to switch them out - so the photos will have to wait for another day. But for now, here are some recent photos (I LOVE having a camera!!! Thank you Mom and Dad B!)

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