Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Best Wishes for an Incredible Halloween....from our family to yours!

Friday, October 30, 2009

What does 11 months look like?

~Spider crawling (left knee, right foot) everywhere at the speed of light
~Holding up your hand and saying "Ha-ee" to anyone and everyone you see, repeatedly
~Endlessly giggling at your silly big brother
~Mystified by snow - and eating it every chance you can get (and anything else you can get into your mouth!)
~Handing people items, and wanting them given back to you immediately (to the frustration of your older siblings)
~Emptying any cupboard and/or shelf within your reach
~Standing on tiptoes to reach the tops of tables and shelves, so you can empty them too
~Craning your neck around to look directly at the person holding you (usually Mom)
~Wanting to be involved in everything your older brother and sister are!
~Loving snuggles, but wanting plenty of independent time, too!
~Crawling across the room just to say "Ha-ee" to Mom, then crawling back to finish emptying the toy box you were working on
~Taking a few cautious steps here and there - but prefering your "spider monkey crawl" because it's so much faster
~Never sitting still - busy every minute!

Wiggles, you are BEAUTIFUL! We love you SO much, and you have brought such joy, love and laughter to our home! How did we ever get by without you?!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We aim to please...

I normally try to refrain from sharing our family's 'private' moments, but I definitely want to jot this one down before it's forgotten in the archives of family laughs.

Grins has become quite proficient at using the toilet on his own (he's been toilet-trained for quite a while but until recently required assistance.) The other day, however, I heard him crying in the bathroom, and calling out to me. Concerned, I immediately ran to see what he needed,and was surprised to find him sitting on the toilet with water in his eyes and all over his face, crying.

"What happened, Grins?"

"I got potty in my eyes!"

Taken completely aback, I paused, tried not to laugh and said "What? How?"

"I was trying to watch the potty come out and it squirted me!" he said, angrily.

We got him cleaned up and things were back to normal in no time, but as I shared it with the Mr. later that night we both had a very long laugh. I think I've laughed more since having kids than in all my previous adult years combined.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Snow of the Season

Autumn seemed much too short this year. It seems the leaves scarcely had time to change colors and begin falling when, suddenly, the temperature dropped and I could almost taste the impending snow. The children were, of course, delighted when the first flakes of snow started to appear. Before you could say "look outside!" they were donning hats, gloves, boots and snowpants, and taking a stool to the door to unlock the chain (my latest attempt at keeping them from leaving without my knowledge) and free themselves from the warm confines of our apartment to the blistery cold outside. I begrudingly dressed Wiggles and myself (no small feat, since she lives up to her name, especially while being dressed!) and headed out the door. I must admit that, despite my wistfull longing for a longer autumn, watching the children gleefully run around scooping up snow, making snowmen and snow angels, and screaming "THANK YOU JESUS" while looking heavenward did manage to lift my spirits. And it was beautiful; The snowflakes falling, the white blanket covering the earth, and, most of all, my children dancing.

**Later that day, once we were back inside, Angel asked if we could send a Thank You card to Jesus and Heavenly Father for the "beautiful gift of snow". I smiled and told her that was so thoughtful, but asked how she thought we might deliver it, since no mailman I know of ventures quite that far. She paused for a moment, and then said "We could send it up in a balloon." She was so sincere that, though I'm opposed to the sending up of balloons due to environmental reasons, at that moment I nearly considered it! I think I managed to talk her into "praying" the Thank You message instead...

All I Want for Christmas...

While driving home from the "happiest place on earth" (otherwise known as COSTCO; I seriously love that place even much more than Disneyland, don't you?!) the other day, I mentioned a few of my 'wish list' items to the Mr, which started the wheels spinning in the childrens' heads.

Soon, Angel informed us that, for Christmas, she wants "A baby doll" because, despite the fact that she already has 17 (I kid you not!), her 'family' won't be complete without another. (Move over, Mrs. Duggar!) We asked Grins what he was wishing for and he said "A newborn baby boy doll".


I mean, he loves to play dolls, paint his nails and dress up nearly as much as his sister (no lie) but he's never asked for his OWN dolls/nailpolish/tutus; he's always been content using hers while getting CARS and TRAINS and DINOSAURS - not to mention a SWORD - as his gifts of choice. So we were momentarily surprised, but we went with it.

Oh, that would be nice Grins.


What would you name your baby boy doll?

Actually, I want a REAL baby boy. Not a dolly. A real boy.

You want a baby brother?

Yeah. I want that the most, more than anything.

Ummmmm.....PLEASE tell me we aren't going to reenact "Miracle on 34th Street" this year.... I mean, I'd be fine if the Jolly Old St. Nick hooked us up with a new house, but I sincerely hope Grins won't be sitting on Santa's lap saying "All I want for Christmas is a baby brother. Please??!" I'd hate for him to realize Santa's a farce so early on in his childhood career!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming soon....

Pictures. And posts. I promise.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



My lack of posting lately has been due to my: (multiple choice; choose as many as apply. Answers posted in comment section)

a) playing travel agent and booking the Mr.'s many (11 and counting) residency interview trips (airline, hotel, rental car, etc.) - I'm becoming quite savvy on bing travel, let me tell you

b) wistfully kissing my baby goodbye as she works on walking, talking, asserting her independence, making her opinion (well) known, pushing out teeth, emptying the cupboards a bazillion times a day.... (where DID that baby gate go??!!)

c) sitting on the couch, watching soap operas, and eating bon-bons (that's what "stay-at-home moms" do, right?)

d) trying to create fun, learning activities to keep Angel and Grins entertained and busy every day

e) feeling pleased with the progress Angel's made in her reading and writing capabilities but occassionally realizing how much easier it was to shelter her before she could read (Mommy, what does s-e-x-y mean?)

f) trying to fit in exercise and personal meditation/study

g) cutting Grins' hair and trying to 'fix' it every other day, since he has very fine, straight hair (difficult to cut and still look nice) and he entertains a very intense phobia of anyone (including me, but especially anyone other than me) coming near him with scissors and/or clippers

h) trying to keep up on laundry, healthy meals, home cleanliness, etc.

i) being constantly amazed at how sweet my little Grins is!

j) planning lessons and field trips for Angel and Grins' preschool

k) trying to keep the ward Primary running smoothly (fortunately not on my own!)

l) getting ready for Halloween

m) trying to save $$ whilst keeping the family fed and clothed

n) needing to get family pictures done!

o) trying to come up with new/exciting Family Home Evening lessons which teach the concepts we currently need to learn (you can only say "Listen to your parents" and "Be nice to your siblings" so many ways before the kids realize you're teaching the same lesson over and over!)

p) chauffering the kids to dentist and doctor appointments (and offering emotional support for Grins' intense fear of opening his mouth to a white-gloved stranger)

q) speaking of intense fear, trying to remember to get Grins to use the restroom before we run errands so we don't have to deal with his even more intense fear of automatic flushing toilets

r) LOVING how well Grins and Angel are getting along now - arguments are increasingly less frequent, and giggles are INCREASINGLY more infectious!

s) shopping for Christmas

t) trying to supress my own laughter at their antics while reminding the children to take the silliness down a notch (during such times as dinner and family devotional)

u) loving the opportunity to be home with my children, nurturing them, loving them, and watching them grow right before my eyes

v) procrastinating putting together Christmas cards because I still need the "perfect" idea

w) spending hours (literally! it's too addictive!) every night snuggling Angel and Grins, because they are just so precious and I never want to forget how tightly they cling to me, nor how delicate their sweet little bodies feel inside my arms

x) trying to teach kids the value of serving others through weekly "service" activities (mailing cards, delivering treats, feeding the needy, visiting sick/elderly) and loving watching them gain a testimony and appreciation of how rewarding it can be

y) laughing at the many, many silly/funny/cute things they come up with!! (stay tuned for a coming post on that!)

z) working on an e-newsletter for the Medical Student Alliance each month - and then re-doing it when my computer changes it all (I am SO not mac-savvy!)

1) desperately needing to upload and organize pictures on my camera/computer so I can resume posting our 'exciting adventures' (I loathe posting without a pic!)

2) calling my mom almost daily because I miss her and cherish her knowledge and sage wisdom, and sometimes just hearing her voice is enough

3) wondering what I ever did to deserve three incredible children who are blossoming into such amazing people despite my feeble attempts at parenting

4) wishing I did more - yet wanting to "simplify" - and occasionally beating myself up over it - but learning to be happy and find a delicate balance between enough and too much

5) blogging (occasionally) so I can remember the days which turn to weeks and months which will someday be a blur of years, but remain precious memories I want to preserve

6) thanking the Lord, every day, for my incredible life.

And the Winner Is....

Nichole Seiler!!! Yeah, Nichole! (Insert applause here). Hope you and Jake enjoy the show! Please give me your email address (post in a comment or message me on Facebook) and I'll email you the tickets.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So, to reward all of all my faithful readers (yes, all 2 of you) :) I am offering the following giveaway:

2 Free Tickets to a night of Theatre:

Title: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)
Utah Shakespearean Festival
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Cedar City, UT

Date: 10/15/2009 (THIS THURSDAY EVENING)
Curtain Time: 07:30 PM

How awesome does that sound? All you have to do is leave me a comment, letting me know you're interested, and I will randomly select a winner. Since I only have 5 followers, your chances are VERY good- much better than on some of those famous blogs with thousands of readers. :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Handsome!

Dear Mr. Love-of-mine,
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I don't care HOW old you are, you will always be my only true love (aside from the children you've given me, of course..) :) Thank you for all that you are. You have done amazing things with these past 30-something years, and I know the trend will continue!

Thank you for your integrity. For your honesty. For your goodness. Thank you for your charity. Your patience. Your faith, and perseverance. You are such an incredible example to me, of devotion to the Savior, of undying faith, hard work and dilligence. You have always inspired me to be more kind, more loving, more patient.

Thank you for the amazing Husband you are! You've treated me like a queen these past 8+ years; they have truly been the best 8 years of my life! You are SO loving, so concerned with my welfare, so patient, and so kind. And so good at keeping the spark alive after all these kids, all this time, and all that you are involved in!

Thank you for being a fantastic Father to our little treasures! I knew from the moment I met you, that you would be an incredible father, and you have never let me down! I love that you love our children as much as I do, and always have their best interest at heart.

Well, there is MUCH more I could say, but our little lovelies are needing my IMMEDIATE attention for reasons I'd better not share on your birthday....some things are better left unsaid. :)

I love you, !

Love Always,