Thursday, October 29, 2009

We aim to please...

I normally try to refrain from sharing our family's 'private' moments, but I definitely want to jot this one down before it's forgotten in the archives of family laughs.

Grins has become quite proficient at using the toilet on his own (he's been toilet-trained for quite a while but until recently required assistance.) The other day, however, I heard him crying in the bathroom, and calling out to me. Concerned, I immediately ran to see what he needed,and was surprised to find him sitting on the toilet with water in his eyes and all over his face, crying.

"What happened, Grins?"

"I got potty in my eyes!"

Taken completely aback, I paused, tried not to laugh and said "What? How?"

"I was trying to watch the potty come out and it squirted me!" he said, angrily.

We got him cleaned up and things were back to normal in no time, but as I shared it with the Mr. later that night we both had a very long laugh. I think I've laughed more since having kids than in all my previous adult years combined.

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