Tuesday, October 13, 2009



My lack of posting lately has been due to my: (multiple choice; choose as many as apply. Answers posted in comment section)

a) playing travel agent and booking the Mr.'s many (11 and counting) residency interview trips (airline, hotel, rental car, etc.) - I'm becoming quite savvy on bing travel, let me tell you

b) wistfully kissing my baby goodbye as she works on walking, talking, asserting her independence, making her opinion (well) known, pushing out teeth, emptying the cupboards a bazillion times a day.... (where DID that baby gate go??!!)

c) sitting on the couch, watching soap operas, and eating bon-bons (that's what "stay-at-home moms" do, right?)

d) trying to create fun, learning activities to keep Angel and Grins entertained and busy every day

e) feeling pleased with the progress Angel's made in her reading and writing capabilities but occassionally realizing how much easier it was to shelter her before she could read (Mommy, what does s-e-x-y mean?)

f) trying to fit in exercise and personal meditation/study

g) cutting Grins' hair and trying to 'fix' it every other day, since he has very fine, straight hair (difficult to cut and still look nice) and he entertains a very intense phobia of anyone (including me, but especially anyone other than me) coming near him with scissors and/or clippers

h) trying to keep up on laundry, healthy meals, home cleanliness, etc.

i) being constantly amazed at how sweet my little Grins is!

j) planning lessons and field trips for Angel and Grins' preschool

k) trying to keep the ward Primary running smoothly (fortunately not on my own!)

l) getting ready for Halloween

m) trying to save $$ whilst keeping the family fed and clothed

n) needing to get family pictures done!

o) trying to come up with new/exciting Family Home Evening lessons which teach the concepts we currently need to learn (you can only say "Listen to your parents" and "Be nice to your siblings" so many ways before the kids realize you're teaching the same lesson over and over!)

p) chauffering the kids to dentist and doctor appointments (and offering emotional support for Grins' intense fear of opening his mouth to a white-gloved stranger)

q) speaking of intense fear, trying to remember to get Grins to use the restroom before we run errands so we don't have to deal with his even more intense fear of automatic flushing toilets

r) LOVING how well Grins and Angel are getting along now - arguments are increasingly less frequent, and giggles are INCREASINGLY more infectious!

s) shopping for Christmas

t) trying to supress my own laughter at their antics while reminding the children to take the silliness down a notch (during such times as dinner and family devotional)

u) loving the opportunity to be home with my children, nurturing them, loving them, and watching them grow right before my eyes

v) procrastinating putting together Christmas cards because I still need the "perfect" idea

w) spending hours (literally! it's too addictive!) every night snuggling Angel and Grins, because they are just so precious and I never want to forget how tightly they cling to me, nor how delicate their sweet little bodies feel inside my arms

x) trying to teach kids the value of serving others through weekly "service" activities (mailing cards, delivering treats, feeding the needy, visiting sick/elderly) and loving watching them gain a testimony and appreciation of how rewarding it can be

y) laughing at the many, many silly/funny/cute things they come up with!! (stay tuned for a coming post on that!)

z) working on an e-newsletter for the Medical Student Alliance each month - and then re-doing it when my computer changes it all (I am SO not mac-savvy!)

1) desperately needing to upload and organize pictures on my camera/computer so I can resume posting our 'exciting adventures' (I loathe posting without a pic!)

2) calling my mom almost daily because I miss her and cherish her knowledge and sage wisdom, and sometimes just hearing her voice is enough

3) wondering what I ever did to deserve three incredible children who are blossoming into such amazing people despite my feeble attempts at parenting

4) wishing I did more - yet wanting to "simplify" - and occasionally beating myself up over it - but learning to be happy and find a delicate balance between enough and too much

5) blogging (occasionally) so I can remember the days which turn to weeks and months which will someday be a blur of years, but remain precious memories I want to preserve

6) thanking the Lord, every day, for my incredible life.


Sarah said...

Answer Key (in case you need help): all of the above EXCEPT (c). I know, I know, impossibly difficult.

Amy Brinton said...

I love this post! Sometimes it helps to realize that yes, I am doing a lot right now!

Sounds like things are going well for interviews. Good luck!

Symes Family said...

I'm tired just reading that list!

Symes Family said...

I'm tired just reading that list!