Friday, October 30, 2009

What does 11 months look like?

~Spider crawling (left knee, right foot) everywhere at the speed of light
~Holding up your hand and saying "Ha-ee" to anyone and everyone you see, repeatedly
~Endlessly giggling at your silly big brother
~Mystified by snow - and eating it every chance you can get (and anything else you can get into your mouth!)
~Handing people items, and wanting them given back to you immediately (to the frustration of your older siblings)
~Emptying any cupboard and/or shelf within your reach
~Standing on tiptoes to reach the tops of tables and shelves, so you can empty them too
~Craning your neck around to look directly at the person holding you (usually Mom)
~Wanting to be involved in everything your older brother and sister are!
~Loving snuggles, but wanting plenty of independent time, too!
~Crawling across the room just to say "Ha-ee" to Mom, then crawling back to finish emptying the toy box you were working on
~Taking a few cautious steps here and there - but prefering your "spider monkey crawl" because it's so much faster
~Never sitting still - busy every minute!

Wiggles, you are BEAUTIFUL! We love you SO much, and you have brought such joy, love and laughter to our home! How did we ever get by without you?!


Natalie said...

She's so pretty! I can't believe she's almost a year already!

Timani said...

When is her birthday? My twins are 11 months...born Nov 21.