Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

While driving home from the "happiest place on earth" (otherwise known as COSTCO; I seriously love that place even much more than Disneyland, don't you?!) the other day, I mentioned a few of my 'wish list' items to the Mr, which started the wheels spinning in the childrens' heads.

Soon, Angel informed us that, for Christmas, she wants "A baby doll" because, despite the fact that she already has 17 (I kid you not!), her 'family' won't be complete without another. (Move over, Mrs. Duggar!) We asked Grins what he was wishing for and he said "A newborn baby boy doll".


I mean, he loves to play dolls, paint his nails and dress up nearly as much as his sister (no lie) but he's never asked for his OWN dolls/nailpolish/tutus; he's always been content using hers while getting CARS and TRAINS and DINOSAURS - not to mention a SWORD - as his gifts of choice. So we were momentarily surprised, but we went with it.

Oh, that would be nice Grins.


What would you name your baby boy doll?

Actually, I want a REAL baby boy. Not a dolly. A real boy.

You want a baby brother?

Yeah. I want that the most, more than anything.

Ummmmm.....PLEASE tell me we aren't going to reenact "Miracle on 34th Street" this year.... I mean, I'd be fine if the Jolly Old St. Nick hooked us up with a new house, but I sincerely hope Grins won't be sitting on Santa's lap saying "All I want for Christmas is a baby brother. Please??!" I'd hate for him to realize Santa's a farce so early on in his childhood career!!

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Jana and Brett said...

what? Santa isn't real! if we don't believe in him, he doesn't come to our house! ;0) haha