Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank You.....

Some kind-hearted soul anonymously left a plate of scrumptious banana muffins on our door earlier this week. Since I was still 'cleansing', I enjoyed them vicariously as my children eagerly scarfed them down. They looked and smelled heavenly! I questioned various friends and neighbors as to who our 'muffin donor' was, but have been unable to track our mysterious friend down. Then, my paranoia began creeping in....were they left by a stranger? Were they safe to eat, or would my children suddenly come down with food poisoning or, worse, death? Was I a bad mother for not 'tracking down' the source of the muffins before allowing my children to devour them? Or were they perhaps intended for someone else, and left on our step by mistake? Fortunately, days later, my children are in glorious health (despite an unfortunate lingering case of croup which began before the muffin delivery), so my paranoia has died down, for the most part. And the muffins have been appreciated. So, muffin friend, if you are reading this, Thank You for your kindness. We're sorry we can't thank you in person, and we want you to know that your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed.

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