Monday, August 03, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I've GOT to get back in the habit of planning my meals in advance! I've been just 'winging it' pretty much every night, which has been driving me CRAZY and often results in late dinners because, by the time I finally figure out what to make, dinner time is already long gone! So, I know it makes for a boring post, but if I don't do it here, then where?

Monday: soft taco bar, salad, corn on the cob, red grapes, ice cream sandwiches for FHE treats
Tuesday: spaghetti pie, steamed green beans, sauteed summer squash, canteloupe
Wednedsay: POTLUCK - we'll bring teriyaki chicken kabobs and strawberry spinach salad
Thursday: chicken caesar pasta salad, crusty bread, cucumber salad, fruit salad
Friday: left overs
Saturday: OUR ANNIVERSARY so, if we're lucky (and can find a sitter) - RESERVATIONS
Sunday: GRINS' birthday = his choice (he's still deciding)

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Ma Fitz said...

Sarah, have you heard of this? Amy and I are gearing up to try it out, and we gave a binder with all of the goodies in it to a friend for a bridal shower gift. Just thought I'd share.