Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy Anniversary, my Love!

Dear Lovey,
Since I probably won't see you (as you're pretty much living at the hospital these days, let me take a moment to wish you a Happy Anniversary! Thank you for treating me like a queen these past 8 years! I appreciate your undying patience, your endless love, your sense of humor, and the respect you continue to show me. I know it's been a roller coaster at times (pregnancy hormones and all :) ) - but I'm so glad we've enjoyed the ride together! You are a devoted husband, a tender father, a gifted musician, a hard-working provider, an intelligent aspiring physician, and a good man. Thank you for choosing me, of all the fish in the sea, to walk beside you in this incredible journey of life. I love you with all my heart. It's our GOLDEN anniversary (the 8th on 8/8!) ~ here's to 8 more! But can we please move less in the next 8 years? Thanks! I love you! Love, Me


Timani said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you move less in the next 8 years, that moving post was harsh, but more than that I hope you have more happiness and prosperity (which may be linked).

Queen Bee said...

How sweet! I remember when you guys got married. I can't believe that was 8 years ago! I totally agree about the moving. We just finished move number 7 in 7 years. But it's looking like we'll get to stay in one house for 4 years, hooray! Happy anniversary you two.