Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer Update Continued - Swimming Lessons

Both (the 2 oldest, that is) of our children could not get enough of swimming lesons this year! Next time around we are definitely adding the 'open plunge' option, that is for sure! I put them in the same class so it would be easier to watch both (one of the many benefits of children close together, since they are in the same 'age' category and, for the most part, skill level!) Angel took to the water immediately, whereas Grins needed a little bit more coaxing - but he always got in after a few minutes. Truth be told, after he 'warmed up', he was even more daring than Angel; she still likes to hold her nose, whereas Grins
just jumps right in and then shakes his head like a dog when he comes out of the water. Their favorite games: feeding Charlie (the fish) bubbles, Chop Chop Cherry Tree, Alligator Alligator, and Fishie in the Basket. They had so much fun it hardly seemed like a lesson (the goal at this age, I think!) I was so proud of both of them - initially they were nervous about putting their faces in the water, but they now do it easily, and definitely made good progress in their short 2 weeks of lessons! I think we'll need to do 2 sessions next year! :)

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