Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Have to jot this down....

before I forget it. I know I've been a blog-slacker lately, but life is just way too busy. Should be calming down here shortly (hopefully) so I will try to get back in the habit, but in the meantime, here's a little tidbit for you to enjoy:

There is a hill near our house upon which the kids LOVE to run up and down. We do this a couple of times a week at least (weather permitting) while I'm waiting for dinner to cook or something. Angel came up with the funniest thing. The first time she did it, I thought it was a fluke, but 2 weeks later, out of the blue, she did the same thing, and now it has turned into an actual game. She runs to the top of the hill and instructs me, "Mom, say TICO (tee-ko)!" I do as told, and she runs down the hill. I am then supposed to say "TICA (tee-kuh)" after which she runs back up the hill. This may lack hilarity and be completely uninteresting to you readers, but as her mother, I find this simply hilarious. Where did she come up with these terms? Is this some sort of secret language - or perhaps a legitimate language of which I am completely unaware, yet she somehow learned? I mean, honestly. Where does she get it? What's even funnier is that her shadow, Grins, has watched us do this and now participates shouting "TICO/A" and then running up and down the hill as if it makes all the sense in the world. Ah, children. What could be more entertaining?

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Ma Fitz said...

Sarah, I read this entry to Mike and we laughed and laughed. That's what's so great about being a kid. You can make up anything you want and it is REAL. I think we should do that a lot more as adults, don't you?