Thursday, April 10, 2008

Your Comments PLEASE!

Jon is trying to apply for scholarships to help ease the burden of medical school tuition, etc. Apparently the person in charge of scholarship applications is either illiterate or reads at a rate of 2 words/minute because the limit on each scholarship essay is 255 CHARACTERS (not words) - and that's INCLUDING SPACES, people!! Can you BELIEVE this? I mean, seriously, how can you even introduce yourself, let alone put in a plug for why YOU, out of the gazillion and one other applicants, should be selected to receive the cash. I could go on all day about how unbelievably ridiculous this seems to me, but obviously I have no say in the matter, other than to simply help Jon "write" (or rather, cross out every other word of) his essays. So here's my brilliant idea. Please give your very HONEST opinion: good? or no good? Or, do you have any other ideas??? Because really, all I want is a little bit of dough to help with the $150,000 (GULP!) tuition bill hanging over our heads, so your input is of immeasurable value. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. It's all about the bottom line, remember? :)

Sample Question:

Priority given to students who have worked hard to pay for their education, whose grades may have been affected by having to work while going to school.

Sample "ESSAY" response: (255 characters or less)

Poor family of 9=no college $. Dream: doctor=8 years of college. Tuition/expenses= 4 jobs + 21 credits/semester=3.4 GPA=MCAT x 4=medical school applications x3=$10k. MBA=$35k. Medical school tuition=$120k. Wife + 3 children=$$. Scholarship=priceless


Brooke said...

I like it! It will definitely stand out, which is what needs to happen. :) But Sarah, THREE children?? Is there something you aren't telling us?? :)

Krista said...

I liked that, I thought is original and memorable which I sould think would be advantageous given the circumstances.

3 children?? Did I miss something?!?

erica grover said...

it must be that all of those essay readers are slow readers because that's the limit on most of our scholarships/grants as well...what?!! love your version...i dare you to try it!