Sunday, February 12, 2012

Having Fun

Now that the older 2 are in school and I only have one child (Wiggles) at home during the day, I'm often tempted to just be super productive and get lots done (it's amazing how much easier things are with just one child!)  I've been trying really hard to spend some special time with her each day, and we do fun age-appropriate things like preschool storytime and playdates too!  But a lot of times, she 'helps' me or keeps busy while I'm working.  She's getting very good at this!

The other day, I managed to get quite a bit done, and realized that she had been very focused on something for quite a while.  I looked over to see what she was up to, and this is what I found:

Twin babies tucked in, each with their own pear.
"They're ready for lunch, Mama!" Wiggles tells me.
Then, of course, I had to take a break from my work to play, when Wiggles came out dressed like this and said "Mommy!  I'm the doctor and I need to check you up!

I don't know why she sticks her tongue out whenever I photograph her!  It's hilarious!
I sat down while she 'checked me up' with all her (as she says) 'tethoscopes', 'blood pusher arm huggers' (blood pressure cuffs), etc, and then 'shotted' me (gave me a shot, followed by a bandaid).  I said "You are a great doctor!"  And she asked (pointing to her outfit) "Are these real doctor clothes?  Is this really what doctors wear?"  To which I replied, "Yes - Daddy wears those a lot when he works at the hospital, remember?"  She said, "But Daddy's not a doctor - he just goes to work.  At the hospital.  Doctors LIVE at the DOCTOR.  Like Dr. Howe (our family doctor).  She always lives at the doctor office."  We then had a conversation about how doctors were people just like everyone, with lives of their own outside of work.  When I explained that Dr. Howe is also a mommy with children of her own, Wiggles was flabbergasted.  I love our little conversations, and seeing her mind at work!  How refreshing it is to get a glimpse of a child's view of life and the world!

How lucky am I to have this little helper around all day??!!  I love my life!

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Melissa said...

She's so cute! Keller thinks his preschool teacher 'lives' at school too. When he saw her at the grocery store he was was totally confused. Haha! We had a similar talk like you had with Angel but honestly, I still don't know if he gets it. :)