Sunday, February 12, 2012


Just a quick update on a few of the things we've been up to lately:


Though we have had several feet of snow so far this winter, (and have enjoyed lots of skating and sledding!) none of it has been wet enough to build snowmen!  Our children received a snowman kit from out neighbor for Christmas this year and have been jumping at the chance to use it - so finally, after the third 'dry' snow in a row, we decided to just give it our best shot.  

After trying for quite awhile to get a normal sized (and then small, and then miniature...) snowman, we finally just came to terms with the fact that the snow was not snowman snow, and did the best we could - which was a little blog (about 4 inches high - even shorter than he looks in the pictures!).  We dressed him up and named him Shorty.  Quite the adventure - but at least we finally got to put that kit to use!

Note how dark it is - because we spent SO long trying to build a snowman!!

My birthday was wonderful!  The children surprised me with breakfast in bed! (Not sure why Angel looks so sad...)  Then later, the Mr. surprised me by having our wonderful neighbor come tend the children while he took me to dinner - a VERY rare treat indeed!  Our sweet neighbor Nancy helped the children make some cards for me, and helped them make me an ice cream cake which we all enjoyed together!  The children had a wonderful time with her - and the Mr. and I enjoyed ourselves too! :)

I'm only posting this horrible picture of me for the memory - it's  the only picture I have of our wonderful neighbor Nancy!

Angel the Artist:  Angel LOVES beautifying everything she can.  When she sets the table, she sets full place settings, folds the napkins in a fancy manner, and most often makes name place cards (decorated and written in cursive, of course!)  When putting her toys away, she must place them just so.  And, when making a meal, proper food presentation is a must!  We got this idea from pinterest and she did a marvelous job!

Grins loves his sword.  It is often in it's 'time out' place on top of the fridge, since it regularly gets confiscated for misuse (sword fighting with his sisters, chopping 'dragons' which results in knocking things over, etc.).  But when he earns his sword back, it is his constant companion!  He has now taken to 'wearing' it by sticking it (pointy end down) down the neck of the back side of his shirt (I guess I don't have a picture of this).  One night when I went to check on him in bed, I found it in the back neck of his pjs, with him sleeping on it!  Naturally, I removed it, because it looked so uncomfortable!  The next morning, as soon as he awoke, he reached back and, feeling it was gone, asked me, "Where's my sword?!"  I explained that I'd removed it so he could sleep comfortably, and he insisted that it wasn't bothering him, and that he had needed it last night!  That night, when I went to check on him, this is what I saw:

Hugging his sword....but look at his wrist

He had attached the sword to his wrist with a silly band!

I decided I had to leave it, since he had obviously taken precautions to keep his sword all night!  When I questioned his motive the next morning, he explained that he feels MUCH safer at night when his sword is nearby.  I tried not to laugh, but then remembered doing similar things as a child - I actually remember holding my 'walkman' (yes - I'm that old!) over my chest at night to 'protect my heart' - and even my bike helmet once or twice to 'protect my brain'!  I'm not sure what invoked such fear in my mind at the time - but I do remember feeling safe with the perceived protection.  I suppose such antics are the "security blankets" of older children.

This weekend the Mr. was actually home on a Saturday!!!  For the first time since I can remember.  So, we made crepes AND waffles for breakfast, just to celebrate.  I love these four:

Sick in bed:  A NASTY stomach bug landed these three and I in bed for several days.  We had a joyous time reading LOTS of books and magazines, playing games, doing puzzles, making cards, writing letters, writing in our journals, and creating pages for our church quiet book.  Oh, and of course, snuggling, tickling, and giggling.  I love these precious moments with my children!  Life is good!

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Christina said...

I literally laughed out loud about sword thing. Probably because I have another boy the same age who has done the same thing. Don't you love it!

Cute snowman. I'm completely blessed to have children who can now make a snowman by themselves. Especially because I hate the cold.