Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Glimpse of The Mr.

Though the kids and I have had a busy summer travelling around the country, playing at the beach, and swimming in the lake, the Mr. has had an equally busy summer at the hospital!  His current schedule involves him working 14 days (12 to 18 hours each) straight with no days off (not even weekends!), followed by one day off (which is usually spent sleeping! Poor guy!)  Then the cycle repeats.  It is quite rigorous, even for my hard-working, energetic husband.

Though I miss having a husband around, it has been especially difficult on the children, who frequently go several days without seeing the Mr. at all, as he leaves before they awaken in the morning, and returns after they are asleep for the night.  I certainly don't know how military families survive a father's deployment!  It seems unbearable at times!

Fortunately, we do occasionally get a glimpse of the Mr, and we know how to make every minute count!  A few days ago, he managed to get home while it was still light out, and the kids immediately put him to 'work' swinging with them, playing "wrestle mania", and riding the Daddy horsie before bedtime (all activities Mommy fails miserably at!)  It is so precious to see them run up and greet him every time he comes home from work (and they are awake!) - as if they haven't seen him in years!  We're ALL so glad when Daddy comes home!!!

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The Stimpson Family said...

Such a good daddy! How come your kids already look so much bigger! We haven't seen you for 2 months and they are already growing too much! Come visit us!!!