Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Digging in the dirt

With our recent gardening and renovation efforts, we have uncovered some 'treasures' in our backyard!  I don't have room to store them all, so I'm going to find most of them a good home...so I thought I'd document them this way because some of them are pretty neat.

The whole collection:

A bottle filled with gold dust - did we hit the jackpot?

Miscellaneous jars and bottles

A really neat little jug

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

A Lightbulb

A bottle with silver dust....


Measuring bottles: 2 oz, 6 oz,  1/2c

Atlas EZ Seal

Father John's Medicine Lowell, Mass Made in USA
 Hines Honey and Almond Cream  RS Hinds Co  Bloomfield, NJ USA

6 1/4 fl oz Squeeze Trademark

Pluto Water  America's Physic  2318 Root 26

Vaseline  Chesebrough, New York

 Dioxogen / Horlick's Malted Milk Slough, Bucks, Eng / Listerine Lambert Pharmacal Company

Citrate of Magnesia / FW Kingsman & Co Druggists NYC / REM / Kathleen Mary Quinlan / EMO Portland, ME

Dr. True's Elixir Ext 1851 Dr J F True & Co Inc Auburn, ME

A& P Extracts / Twitchell Champlin & Co / Dolan Flavoring Co Portland, ME / John Wyeth & Bro / Foss 2 oz fl Liquid Fruit Flavors Portland, ME / Three in one

 Armour Laboratories Chicago

My favorite: This little plate! Can you believe it's still intact, with just a couple of chips?
The inscription on the back reads: Imperial Porcelain, Bishop Stonier England

I like to imagine the wife of an early colonial settler, whose wedding china this was, carrying this across the ocean from England to America.  It was one of the very few possessions she brought with her.  Then I imagine it being passed down from generation to generation until it's the last remaining plate.  Then, somehow, somewhere along the lines, it is lost.  Perhaps a daughter was playing tea party out in the woods (what is now my backyard).  Or a son using it to carry his mud pies.  Whatever the story, I find it intriguing.  One of the things I love most about living in the East is the rich history which prevails here!


Anonymous said...

You and eBay will be best friends for awhile. What a neat find!

Amy Brinton said...

Sarah, this is amazing! That is a lot of digging! I hope that you can cleverly use some of them to decorate your home. Love this post.