Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Escaping Adultitis

AGES ago I posted about wanting to rid my life of "Adultitis" - "...a common condition occurring in people between the ages of 21–121, marked by chronic dullness, mild depression, moderate to extremely high stress levels, a general fear of change, and, in some extreme cases, the inability to smile." ( Then, Kim & Jason (learn more about them here) were kind enough to send me their Escape Plan manual, to enable me to do so. Unfortunately, due to 2 moves, the birth of my third child, and a few other small but nonetheless time-consuming events, I have procrastinated reading said manual. Until now. A few days ago I finally opened the book and how I wish I had started sooner! It is an easy read- takes just a few minutes a day - and it has truly started a change in my life! I am only a few days into it, and already I'm feeling more "free". I obviously still have a ways to go - about 36 days to be precise - but I am really enjoying it and want to recommend the book to anyone who feels a little weighed down with the pressures/cares of the world which we all face. I intend to keep reading and I'll keep you posted as my journey progresses!

By the way, check out - they have a very fun website with TONS to do!! :)


Jennie said...

Sounds like good read. I'll have to look into that.

PS. Thanks for your comments on my blog. We've found a house that we feel is right and peaceful about...even though it's $1200. Things will be tight, but I think the Lord is wanting us to go in this direction and have the faith that He will provide the rest.

That would've been cool to house sit for someone out here. Unfortunately ward boundaries are huge (well, at least compared to AZ, ID and UT) and not so many people doing missions, etc. for house sitting. Plus, our new ward is 60% residents/med students. :)

Jason of Kim & Jason said...

Good luck on your adventure!