Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Celebrations

Easter weekend was beautiful; though a bit on the chilly side, at least it didn't snow, and the sun even graced us with it's presence for a few hours!

Saturday, the Mr. was at the hospital (what's new?) so I took the kids to a local Easter Egg hunt. The sign said "10am sharp" and they weren't kidding - they had all the kids stand behind a ribbon at at 10:00 on the dot they cut the ribbon and let 'em all loose. I'm not sure how many kids were there, but the hunt lasted all of about 90 seconds - if you blinked you probably missed it. Lucky for us we were on time for once. The 'big kids' were fast, seasoned 'egg-hunters' and therefore scored most of the goods but fortunately my kids were content with their 3 eggs each just for the novelty of it all. (I'm glad they aren't yet to the stage where everything has to be exactly "fair"!) The thing that thrilled them most of all was the real, live bunny someone brought (on a leash!) - Grins was convinced it was the Easter Bunny himself! Wiggles enjoyed the hunt because I carried her in the front pack and let her have her binkie the whole time; she was in heaven!

Sunday, the children woke up before dawn even thought about cracking (a new trend these days....super!) Because it was a holiday, and to allow myself a shower, I let them watch "He is Risen" which they of course enjoyed since screen time is such a rare treat. We ate a quick breakfast and then donned our easter finery and headed off to church - the only TRUE way to celebrate Easter, I would say, it symbolizing the Resurrection and all.

We came home from church and found that the easter bunny had left some 'goods' which the children were of course thrilled about! Then we headed to Oma and Opa's house for Easter dinner. For dinner, we made 'easter tomb biscuits', in which you wrap a marshmallow inside a piece of biscuit dough and then bake; the marshmallow symbolizes Jesus' body, and the biscuit is the tomb. We also sprinkled butter, cinnamon and sugar on top, symbolizing the oil and spices with which Jesus' body was annointed. When an uncle asked why we were adding spices, Grins answered "So the body doesn't STINK!" After baking the biscuit, you open it to find the 'tomb' empty. Angel and Grins were a bit disappointed that their favorite part of the biscuit had disappeared, despite our reminding them "He is not here, but is risen!" Finally, Grins got it and said "Did Jesus melt?" We got a kick out of that.

I've decided that, with my little loverlies around, there is never a dull moment! I truly don't know what I would do without these sweet little angels in my life! I am SO grateful for Easter and what it means to me to know that, because Jesus was resurrected and lives again, death is not the end. That knowledge is truly the greatest gift I've ever known, and I can't imagine living without it - especially now that I have such precious children whom I so dearly love!

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