Friday, April 03, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

My kids, especially Angel, were SO excited to attend the open house of the Draper LDS Temple. (for more information on LDS temples click here.) Since this is a rare and special occasion for us, we all got dressed in our Sunday best and made the (somewhat long) drive out there. The children thoroughly enjoyed the tour, which is a 'silent' tour with minimal talking, and crowds just walking through quietly, pondering in their hearts the beauty surrounding them and the feelings within their hearts. The Mr. and I exchanged more than one tearful glance as we thought of what temples mean to us, and reminisced on our most special day in the Portland LDS temple nearly 8 years ago when we were married and sealed for eternity. We were pleased with how well each child did - considering the whole ordeal took a few hours (an hour in the car, a half hour at the church, waiting for the bus, a few minutes on the bus, then another hour or so in the temple, WALKING, not running, being QUIET! - not the way our children usually spend their afternoons by any stretch of the imagination!) Then, as we neared the end of the tour, we took a moment to sit in one of the larger and, in my opinion, most beautiful rooms of the temple. We asked the children to think about how they were feeling so we could discuss it later. We all sat for a moment until I suddenly noticed, in the corner of my eye, that our sweet little Grins was jumping on the couch!! Stifling a laugh at our spirited child who was rejoicing in the spirit of the temple in his own little way, the Mr. and I quickly grabbed him and held him close so as not to preserve the quiet, reverent nature of the room and building. Right after that, we proceeded to the last room of the tour, where a sweet 'mature' couple shared their memories of their own temple marriage many years ago. As they spoke, our little Wiggles proceeded to FILL her diaper. Very loudly. Very obviously. Very smelly. We found it interesting that she would wait until that very quiet moment to clear her bowels. The Mr. and I could barely contain our laughter and were relieved when the couple finished their remarks so we could quickly remove ourselves from the building and let loose. Some may find us irreverent, but I know that there is a special place in the Lord's heart for sweet little children, and, in my heart of hearts, I think he just may have been laughing with us.

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Nichole said...

I love your comment. God would have been laughing. Kids have a sweet spirit about them.