Tuesday, November 27, 2007


You'll notice that, interestingly, my blogging stopped with the birth of my second child. This is no coincidence. My children are the light of my life, the apples of my eye, my pride and my joy. Because of this, I want to spend every waking moment with them (every moment THEY are awake, that is!). When I just had Makea, her naptimes and bedtimes were my "me time" - an opportunity for me to read, study, meditate, clean....and blog (or at least, get online - I must admit I've never really been an avid blogger.) Since the birth of my sweet Kai, however, I have experienced very few moments when both of my children were sleeping - take today, for example: Kai went down for his nap at noon so I read Makea a couple of books, gave her a little snuggle, and left the room, hoping she would nap. After nearly two hours of begging, pleading, demanding, bribing, etc, she ended up screaming, thereby awakening her little brother from his peaceful slumber. Approximately 3 minutes later she fell asleep for her nap and I was left with a happy, well-rested, nonetheless energetic Kai who was of course vying for my attention. Not a chance he was going to let me sit down at the computer...never mind clean, shower, prepare dinner or what have you. Such has been my life since becoming the mother of two 15 short months ago. Not that I am complaining, mind you....just explaining the predicament, and thereby rationalizing my blogging hiatus for those of you who have questioned 'where I went.' So, at least for now, I'm back.

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