Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slip and Slide

Many of our summer play dates were spent on the 'slip 'n slide'!  Hours of fun in the comfort of our own yard!  I don't think the children would EVER tire of it - I can only ever convince them to stop when we've been going at least an hour, and I promise popsicles! :)  (Grins accidentally blew the hose the first time we set it up, after he turned it on when it was kinked, but fortunately it was nothing a little duct tape and rubber band could repair.  Thank heaven!  Summer would not have been the same without it!) 

Of note: it's a miracle I was able to get any photos of this, and that the camera survived!  Grins loves to make the largest splash he can in the pool at the end, resulting in me and the camera getting SOAKED!

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Lazarus said...

We love how blurry Grins is! It shows how fast he is!