Sunday, October 21, 2012

Explorer Camp

This past summer, some dear friends invited Angel to attend their church's "Explorer Camp", where the children got to do all sorts of crafts and outdoor activities.  Angel had a LOT of fun!  The last day of camp, all of the families were invited to come and see what the campers had been up to.

Angel showed us how she learned to make rope:

A sweet little old woman (you can just see her face on the right) showed us all sorts of different animal artifacts out of her "feely box" (you feel something with your eyes closed and try to guess what it is)!  She was a wealth of information!

Angel showed us some different snakes and other animals they had 'researched' while at camp:

But the favorite activity of the evening was, of course, archery and rifle shooting!  The wonderful camp leader was so patient with Wiggles - and she was SO proud to be able to shoot 'all by myself'! :)

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