Thursday, October 04, 2012


This evening as we were driving in the car, Grins said "Angel, I'll tell you who I have a crush on if you promise not to tell anyone."  "Who?" she asked.  He then told her about a girl in his class he really likes.  Then, realizing that I had probably overheard the whole conversation, he told me as well.  I said, "A crush?  What does that mean?"  He replied, "It means you are a little bit in love."

That was too sweet - I just had to jot it down so I can remember it forever.  But it gets even sweeter.  He then asked Angel who she was crushing on.  She said "I'm not telling!"  He insisted "But I promise I won't tell!" over and over again - but she still would not divulge her secret.  Curious, tonight, while I was snuggling Angel, I asked who the secret crush was.  I told her I wouldn't tell a soul (the blog doesn't count, right?  So - if you are reading this, you are hereby SWORN to secrecy!)  She finally let me in on the secret:  Grins.  "Grins?"  I asked, not sure I had heard her right.  "Yes," she said, "I just really love him."  My heart melted.  It was one of the most tender moments I can ever remember.  I can't think of a greater joy than knowing that my children love one another.  I am a very lucky mother!!!

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