Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Wiggles is at the age where she says the most adorable things!  I need to get better at writing them down - but here are a few of them lately:

~Refers to the 'big toe' as the "Thumb Toe" (and other variations on this theme; once called her ankle her 'foot wrist')
~Accidentally mixes words, such as "I'm pick-up-ing" instead of 'picking up'
~When I'm singing a song she doesn't know, she tries to sing along, matching my pitch and trying to anticipate what word I'm going to say (which is hilarious!)
~Insists that things are exactly as she perceives them or wishes them to be - I am constantly having to remind the older children to simply say "You're entitled to your own opinion" rather than engage in arguments over what is right/wrong.  For example, she'll insist "No, that's not a peach, it's a nectarine!!!!" pointing to what is, in fact, a peach.  This drives the older 2 crazy - and is a good test in patience for us all - but is also quite entertaining!

Our Wiggles brings such love and laughter into our family and home!  Every day with her is a blessing!

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Lazarus said...

Good for you writing those down! I always forget and it is gone all too soon... What an awesome mom!