Sunday, July 22, 2012

May, Miscellaneous

Rainy May was a month of art projects.  Here are just a few:

It's difficult to see very well, but this is Wiggles' first ever smiley face!  Actually, her first real picture.  She has always refused to draw or write (the perfectionist in her can't seem to bear getting it less than perfect), and usually asks me to color for her.  But somehow the whiteboard easel and marker were simply too enticing to resist.  I ran downstairs and came up, surprised to find a little smiling creature doodled on the board.  I'm not sure who was more proud; Wiggles, or me.

Angel, ever the artist, convinced me one day to let her play with the costume makeup.  She started with a crown....then added a rainbow....and finally had to add freckles, of course.

This is a fair example of why my house never seems to be clean.  I set up a project for Wiggles to work on while I clean - and then return to find a bigger mess!  Though frustrating at times, her sweet, little self more than makes up for any fingerprints on the wall!  I value my childrens' creativity far more than a clean house!!

She decided to paint herself, rather than the paper!

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Lazarus said...

Messes, messes...story of my life! I find the same with my Hava! I am not so good as you when it comes to "welcoming the creativity" :S...I find I have to build up a reserve of patience before I can get out the "artsy" stuff.

Angel is so beautiful...what a picture to treasure.